Sizzla: ‘I’m Living’ – Single Premiere!

Listen to Sizzla Kalonji latest single titled ‘I’m Living’, which is scheduled for release on November 12, 2013, via Muti Music worldwide. Pre-order here:

Emerging during the latter half of the ’90s, the enormously prolific Sizzla was one of the leaders of the conscious dancehall movement. Along with Buju Banton and Capleton, he helped lead dancehall back to the musical and spiritual influence of roots reggae, favoring organic productions and heavily Rastafarian subject matter. A member of the militant Bobo Ashanti sect, he sometimes courted controversy with his strict adherence to their views, particularly his aggressive condemnations of homosexuals and white Western oppressors. Yet overall, his music was generally positive, advocating faith and compassion for poor black youth, and respect for women. He remained something of an enigma to the public at large, rarely granting interviews and keeping his concert appearances to a minimum. Nonetheless, he still ranked as arguably the most popular conscious reggae artist of his time, thanks to a normally high standard of quality control — all the more impressive given the frequency with which he recorded. A versatile singjay-style vocalist with a gruff, gravelly tone, he was capable of both rapid-fire chatting and powerful, melodic singing, and his best backing riddims were among the strongest in contemporary dancehall.

Sizzla was born Miguel Collins on April 17, 1976 and was raised in the August Town area of Kingston of devout Rastafarian parents. After honing his vocal skills, he landed a gig with the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system, where he first made a name for himself as a performer. He cut his first single for the small Zagalou label in 1995, and soon moved on to Bobby “Digital” Dixon’s Digital B imprint. However, he didn’t manage a break-out success until saxophonist Dean Fraser recommended him to producer Philip “Fatis” Burrell. Sizzla released a series of singles on Burrell’s Xterminator label, including “Judgement Morning,” “Life’s Road,” “Blaspheme,” “We Uh Fear,” “I’m Not Sure,” and the Shadowman duet “The Gun.” His first LP, Burning Up, appeared on Xterminator later in 1995, and he toured extensively alongside Luciano and Mikey General. Unlike kindred spirits Capleton and Buju Banton, Sizzla’s early material was culturally oriented right from the start; he was able to build an audience without any of the lyrical slackness that helped establish the other two.

Creatively speaking, Sizzla really came into his own with the release of his second album, the Burrell-produced Praise Ye Jah in 1997. Widely considered one of the top conscious dancehall albums of its time, Praise Ye Jah was quickly trumped by the release of the Dixon-produced Black Woman & Child that same year. The title track was a smash hit and became something of a cultural reggae anthem. Sizzla scored several more hits during 1997, including “Like Mountain,” “Babylon Cowboy,” “Kings of the Earth,” and the Luciano duet “Build a Better World.” This hot streak kicked off an enormously productive recording binge that lasted over the next several years, with much of his output still done for Burrell.

1998’s Kalonji was issued in the U.S. under the title Freedom Cry, and featured the successful singles “Love Amongst My Brethren” and “Rain Shower.” No less than three albums — Be I Strong, Good Ways, and Royal Son of Ethiopia — appeared in 1999, with Be I Strong achieving the highest profile among them. 2000 brought three more albums: the double-CD Liberate Yourself (which featured one disc of Sizzla material and another of his protégés), Words of Truth (which featured a bonus live disc), and Bobo Ashanti, a well-received, highly spiritual set with a stronger hip-hop flavor. Refusing to slow down, Sizzla issued four more albums in 2001 — Black History, Taking Over, Rastafari Teach I Everything, and Blaze Up the Chalwa — and often displayed a harder edge and a willingness to embrace digital production. That approach changed in 2002, when he concentrated on softer, mellower, more romantic material, which dominated that year’s albums: Ghetto Revolution and Da Real Thing. Two more albums, Light of My World and Rise to the Occasion, appeared in 2003. Soul Deep was released in 2005, with both Ain’t Gonna See Us Fall and Waterhouse Redemption landing a year later. By the end of 2006, Sizzla released the high-profile The Overstanding, an album with hip-hop impresario Damon Dash as executive producer. I-Space returned the singer to his Jamaican roots in mid-2007. Welcome to the Good Life followed in 2011. A trip to Africa influenced two of his 2012 albums with The Chant focusing on his visit to Zimbabwe while In Gambia was partially recorded in its namesake country. His 2013 effort The Messiah was recorded with the Bread Back production team and marked his 70th album.

Pressmeddelande från Nextonstage

Nextonstage ber om ursäkt till alla er som berörts illa, samt de som känt sig kränkta på grund av konserten med Sizzla som skulle ha ägt rum i Stockholm den 28 Mars.

Vi på Nextonstage är mot homofobi och diskriminering. Våran intention på Nextonstage är att sprida bra musik. Det är därför tråkigt att behöva ställa in en konsert med en av de största reggae artisterna i dagsläget som tagit sig hit från Jamaica. Vi lider med alla reggae fans som hade kunnat få äran att ta del av Sizzla, och vi förstår att vissa av er även tagit er till Stockholm från andra städer för att se honom.

Nextonstage har som primärt mål att leverera kvalitativ musik i olika genrer. Vi är medvetna om att det finns många kontroversiella artister och det kommer säkerligen att skapas politiska debatter även i framtiden. Detta uppskattar vi, då yttrandefrihet är en huvudingrediens i en demokrati.

Sizzlas management, Kalonji Muzik och Pride Music International, gick ut i ett pressmeddelande om att de låtar som har upprört många inte skulle framföras på den omtalade konserten. Med andra ord skulle syftet med hela konserten vara att framföra bra raggae musik utan någon som helst politisk förankring. Allt Sizzla ville göra var att ta med sig reggae musik från sitt hemland Jamaica och framföra den för oss live.

Men nu är det dags att vi går vidare och fokuserar på musiken och de musiker var och en tycker om. Nextonstage kommer att fortsätta i musikens anda och hoppas att ni alla uppskattar musikens konst lika mycket som vi gör!

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Watch Sizzla live in Tavastia, Helsinki

Watch the explosive footage from Sizzlas wicked and peaceful performance from last night in Tavastia, Helsinki. This is what Stockholm should expect tonight from the man Sizzla Kalonji. Slakthuset den 28 mars. Dj’s: Safari Sound, Dj Jim, Selecta X-Lent, Kiiing, Floyd, Dutty P och Newera Sound, Host: Pride Music Int, NextOnStage & ACP presents: När: 28 Mars, 2012 Var: Slakthuset, Slakthusgatan 6, Stockholm Tid: 21:00 – 03:00 Åldersgräns: 18 år Entré: 250kr
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sizzla Senaste Musikvideo

Kolla in Sizzlas nya musikvideo. Watch Sizzla Premiere official video for “Make Good For The World To See” Featuring General Nos. Missa inte Sizzla live på Slakthuset den 28 mars. Dj’s: Safari Sound, Dj Jim, Selecta X-Lent, Kiiing, Floyd, Dutty P och Newera Sound, Host: Pride Music Int, NextOnStage & ACP presents: När: 28 Mars, 2012 Var: Slakthuset, Slakthusgatan 6, Stockholm Tid: 21:00 – 03:00 Åldersgräns: 18 år Entré: 250kr (cash is king).
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sizzla till Spring Jam March 28, 2012

En av reggaens främsta, Sizzla Kalonji, tar med sig sitt Firehouse Crew och gör sig redo för en exklusive spelning på svensk mark. Den 28 e mars kommer den legendariske jamaicanen till Strand i Stockholm.
Sedan debuten “Burning Up” 1995 har Sizzla gett ut över 65 skivor, vilket gör honom till en av samtidens mest produktiva reggaeartister. 23 av hans album har tagit placeringar på amerikanska Billboard Top Reggae Albums, där “Words of Truth” fått den bästa placeringen med en sjätteplats.

Sizzlas senaste album “The Scriptures” släpptes i juni 2011.

Nya tider:
21:00 Slakthuset, Globen

23:30 Sizzla & The Firehouse Crew

3 Floors
3 Sounds
1 Mega Party

Reggae Dancehall Hip-Hop

Safari Sound
Dj Jim
Selecta X-Lent
Newera Sound

Säljs endast i dörren (inget förköp, tidigare köpta biljetter gäller ej)
250 SEK (Cash is King) kontakt:
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Sizzla Stockholm Hornstulls Strand

To whom it may concern.

Please note that Sizzla has been to Scandinavia including Sweden several times and on no occasion did he break any laws there or anywhere in Europe for that matter. he has never been arrested and charged with any crime whilst travelling in any part of the world or in his country of Jamaica. Sizzla wants to move on like anyone else in his life and will respect the laws of the countries that he will visit as he does in his home. As a promoter and one of those that helped put the RCA together, we do not support nor encourage anyone that incite hatred or violence against anyone from any community, but rather uphold a philosophy of love, respect and understanding towards all human beings as the cornerstone of democracy and freedom
Please see the set list

1. Holding firm, 2. Got it right here, 3. Smoke
4. Mash dem down, 5.Simplicity, 6. Trod Mount zion
7. Good ways, 8. Guide over us, 9. Words of divine
10. Woman I need you, 11.Black woman & child
12.Thank you mama, 13. Taking over. 14. Get real
15.Martial arts , 16. I’m with the girls, 17.Rise to the occasion
18. System, 19. Ain’t going to see us fall, 20.Chant
21.One away, 22.Give them aride, 23.Got to be strong
24.Give love a try, 25.Take myself away.

Kind Regards,
Eddie Brown / Pride Music International

Video: Sizzla feat.G-Mac ‘Question’

Watch the official video premiere of Sizzla featuring G-Mac titled ‘Question’