Mixtape (Teaser) Afrobeat Giant

Mixtape!!! 1 hour and 30 minutes of pure pleasure! Is dropping soon on Afrobeat Giant SoundCloud page. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe

Afrobeats Vol 1 xtra

Afrobeats Vol 1 xtra

Afrobeat Giant · Afrobeats Vol 1 xtra

Afrobeat Giant Vol. 1

Afrobeats Vol. 1

Afrobeat Giant · Afrobeats Vol. 1

United Sounds of Africa

Afrobeat Giant · United Sounds of Africa

Summer Edition

Afrobeat Giant · Summer Edition

It’s A BBQ Thing!!!

Afrobeat Giant · It’s A BBQ Thing!!!

PeteStrumentals 3 COMING SOON

New Album cover! Smiling face with sunglasses.Featuring The Soul Brother Band with a few guest COMING SOON!! Congratulations To The Soul Brothers Band.This is exactly what hip hop needs. Can’t wait for the album to drop.