DJ Floyd in the House! Afrobeat Giant


It’s about that time.


What a blessing to commemorate this accomplishment by headlining


Straight Up Sewaside!

76910647_2301578019947472_3635314332843114496_nProduced by Chris Charity and Derek Lynch. Executive Producer: PMD. Don’t get it twisten! I’m still madd in luv with hip hop. DAS EFX freakin’ it SEWA style. @teacha_krsone x DEF SQUAD IN THE BUILDING. Turn your headphones Upppp!

Went to visit my father today. Daniel Dixon


it’s his birthday today November 25th
Please join me in wishing him all the best.

#THROWBACK MCM/Silverbird Presents


Def Squad Finest…LIVE + SUPPORT at ARENAN. Fryshuset Stockholm JULY 10, 19NINE7. full ticket price 155:- doors open 19:30 via Biljettdirekt 0771-707070 Call Arena info lime 462 2201. “Pick it Up”, “Whateva Man” taken from his latest CD-LP ”MUDDY WATERS” #AfrobeatGiant Afrobeat Giant​

Ella Mai & Usher, Jeremih

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Just messing around with Two of the hottest song out for a minute.
Ella Mai & Usher, Jeremih. Usher and Ella Man join forces on new song titled ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ which is a duet. The track is produced by Jermaine Dupri along with Bryan-Michael Cox and samples Hi-Five’s classic tune ‘I Like the Way‘. Dj Floyd Dixon, Liberian born dj, base many years back in Stockholm.

If you’re a 80’s baby the vibe should sound familiar #HIFIVEKISSINGGAME No question! Luvin the beat and lyrics! All in for this one! 🔥🔥🔥❤🤗💕

Correcting the The misconception of Liberia!



So yeah, I am back in Europe. I really don’t like people writing about their experiences in foreign countries but I feel the need to do this one myself.

I was told I will get kidnapped, killed, robbed, plus that I will come back with Malaria and other deadly diseases. Some of you even told me I will drown in garbage and waste as well as get stomach problems after even eating a cookie. Well I wastold a lot of things.

You should seriously wake up and stop spreading fake news.

It is true, Liberia is not the most developed, clean, and accessible BUT it is by far the most welcoming country in the world as well as safe. It has vibrant culture which will swallow every single visitor, amazing food, stunning tourist sites, energetic and motivated young generation as well as collaborative government and its bodies. On top of that it will give you experiences which you will never forget such as bush driving etc. It is safe as everybody will try to become your friend rather than enemy and local beaches are simply amazing. All counties I visited, had a lot of greenery and nature which if it was in a different country you would be paying hundreds of dollars to see.

The last 2.5 weeks were one of the best in my life and every single one of you should travel to Liberia or other West African country as it will change your view on life in general.

Thank you Liberia for everything, and do not forget we have a lot of unfinished business. TOGETHER WE CAN! I will do my best to improve everything in Liberia and you can always count on me. credit: Albert Oliva