Rekordbox 5.0

We’re releasing a new version of rekordbox and marking the beginning of a new era for users of the music management software with the introduction of our next-generation KORETECH engine. With a significantly updated audio/graphic/video signal processing algorithm, KORETECH makes rekordbox highly stable and responsive, and enables you to perform intuitively.

rekordbox is a global database solution for managing playlists and music, which can be used with any of our products, whether you like to perform using multiplayers, DJ controllers or a DVS set-up. And now, using rekordbox ver 5.0, you can arrive at the club with your entire music library exported to a USB or SD device, plug it in and perform.

When developing rekordbox ver 5.0, we completely overhauled the audio/graphic/video signal processing algorithm to create a new core for the software. The next-generation engine KORETECH makes rekordbox a more lightweight and stable application offering powerful features and performance. Plus, the evolved USB/SD export function makes music library management even more convenient than before. rekordbox ver 5.0 also features a fresh GUI with a logical layout that allows you to easily manage your music collection and perform instinctively via the rekordbox dj, dvs and video Plus Packs.

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