Introducing Amelia Payne

Amelia Ramcoomarsingh (Stage name AMELIA PAYNE) is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from the Caribbean. The young star was born on August 20th 1997 in Barbados and grew up in Miramar, Florida where she attended Apple Tree Montessori and John Robert Powers, a prestigious acting school, responsible for producing and shaping the careers of celebrities including Dianna Ross, Betty Ford, John Duhamel and Ryan Locke. In 2007 Amelia moved to Barbados with her mother Petal Payne and became a student at The Ursuline Convent Secondary School. After completing her education in Barbados, she migrated to the United Kingdom to attend Hurtwood House where she pursued her education in Performing Arts, Psychology, Sociology and Business Studies. Not only does Amelia hold creative qualities but also strives to combine it with her academic training.

The bright young superstar already established in her homeland of Barbados with her three songs ‘To The Top’, ‘Gimme Good Love’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ being some of the most requested songs on radio when ‘To The Top’ was first recorded in early January 2012. Since then the talented recording artist has quickly learnt that the industry is not only about glitz and glam but hard work, talent, passion, knowledge and discipline. Amelia has also taken great interest in building her brand in the fashion world as she has a unique style and aspires to own her personal clothing and accessories line.

Amelia’s music is a fusion of Pop and R&B where she often gains her inspiration from her favourite artists including Rihanna, Beyoncé,Drake,Chris Brown,Sam Smith,Ed Sheeran and Whitney Houston.

Amelia has been gearing up for her career in the entertainment industry as an artist where she’s been in the studio recording, songwriting and toning her craft as a musician as she continues to build her artistic skills with piano and voice training.

Over the past few months Amelia has released her single “On My Side”,which she co-wrote on and has recently released her new single “Stolen” was written by Amelia and Produced by Jack McManus.Amelia then went to to record the music video for “Stolen” in the streets,beaches and deserts of Dubai.

Since then Amelia has been working closely in the studio with producers Jack McManus,Rachel Furner,Charlie etc where she continues to create her EP which she plans to release this year.The EP will include a mixture of Pop,R&B and Ballads.

Amelia is a strong believer in staying connected with her fans by constantly keeping up to date with her social media networks, co-hosting radio shows and blogging.As Amelia continues working on new music she will also be releasing an on-going documentary-style videos of her journey.
Amelia’s bubbly personality merged with her beauty, talent and passion for music industry already sets her on a journey to greatness and success.

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