Introducing Taylor Girlz


Bold, vibrant and versatile is the combination that is presented by The Taylor Girlz. Born in Alabama, yet raised in the city of Atlanta, the unique characters of these young ladies sets forth a powerful force of talent. The group’s energy sets a tone of excitement, party melodies and a diverse platform of lyrical keen and spirits. The Taylor Girlz ignites the music scene with music that everyone is sure to relate to. Their musical influences includes likes such as superstars Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Migos, Rich Homie Quan and Lil Boosie just to name a few. Their talent is a mixture of rap, dance, and r & b amongst being able to set a tone for their latest single entitled “Bang Bang” which is an up-tempo beat with bold lyrics.

The Taylor Girlz not only plans to succeed in the music industry, they see their talent as an entity that will soar as a household brand. With hopes to achieve in the fashion, merchandise, and entertainment world, the group wants to reach the top quickly. TGZ embodies a striking confidence in what their abilities are as a group. The group expresses what sets them apart from their existing competitors, “We are all about unity and family. Even with our dancers, they are from where we are from, and we remain friends first. Our presence together as a team alone sets the tone for the dynamic uniqueness in TGZ.”

Fall 2013, The Taylor Girlz will release a new mixtape, untitled at this time; will convey their diversity, love of the different genres of music, and more r&b music. The group inspires to utilize their own love of Hip Hop, Country and Rhythm and Blues in their new compilation being released worldwide. The project will include some guest appearances to compliment the diversity of beats, melodies and lyrics. The Taylor Girlz has hopes to work with collaborations to include the Migos and Lil Wayne.

TGZ explain why music comes so natural to them, “Our whole family is in the music business. It is in our blood. From our first introduction to writing to beats, our rhythm and flow became as easy as the air we breathe daily. Watching our father go hard for this dream to become a reality made us want to go even harder for the dream to set in as our God given path. TGZ is about being dedicated, focused and determined. We want to set this tone for our fan worldwide.”

The Taylor Girlz has hopes to tour in 2014 as the new and unstoppable talent to hit the music scene. As well as, embark on expanding their brand into being an inspiration to other young talent worldwide. TGZ is not just s group name, it is a symbolism of strength, unity and talent that is sure to be remembered as a mark of distinction.

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