Adriiana feat. Gucci Mane – High Heels

Italian-born Canadian Pop singer from the city of Toronto, Adriiana, is making her presence known in the music industry. She comes from a family of music and started developing her artistic talents from the age of 5 years old. At the age of 13, she took it to the next level by co-writing with Murray Daigle, which led to dropping her first single “Let You Go.” This is the song that caught radio programmers’ attention all across Canada, earning herself the title of “Emerging Artist” on Chum FM. It was her audition on YTV’s “Next Star” that gave her the opportunity to work with music legend, Elliot Wolff, as she made it to the top 16 out of 15,000 in Canada.

Top 16 wasn’t enough for this firecracker! Adriiana went on to release her self-titled pop album in December 2011 and caught the attention of various television series producers. When her single “We Are Young” was used as the promo song for season two of Khloe & Lamar, music producers from all over became intrigued with her and wanted to know more about the girl behind the music.

2015 through 2016 were very busy years for Adriiana; she relocated to Atlanta to work with Akon and has since worked with The Exclusives and EDIMAH Entertainment as she began her transitioned into Urban Pop. She has set herself apart from many other artists with her sweet R&B undertones and strong vocals. Her style of singing has made her a serious contender in the music industry. Adriiana has continued to master her craft with late nights in the studio, and early mornings perfecting her choreography for her next project.

January 17th, 2017 Adriiana released her new single titled ‘High Heels’ featuring Gucci Mane. After a listening session in the studio, Gucci Mane knew it was hot and decided to jump on the record with her. Thus, as they say “…and the rest was history.” However, this is just the beginning. Behind those intense eyes is a story that she wants to share to empower girls all over the world. She tells this story through her music by releasing one piece at a time to walk you through the trials and tribulations of her life and career. Adriiana’s mission is to show these girls that even in their loneliest hour, they are not alone; that even if you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up!

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