Introducing: Jane Weyes

Chicago native, Jane Weyes, is a 20 year old musician and songwriter. Jane has been writing since the sixth grade and in 2015, she took her first steps towards her music career in Memphis, TN where she resided for a year. Armed with a creative process heavily emphasizing lyricism, Jane has transitioned from poetry, to singing, to rap –continuing to exemplify her passion and innovative versatility.

Now that she is back home, her sole mission is to make music with a meaning and a purpose and continue to learn more about herself through her craft. Weyes explains her love for making music as an effective healing process that allows her to freely express herself and connect with others on a deeper level. In her eyes, music is not one set thing. It can be fun at times and painful at others but it has the power to move an individuals spirit and that is what she loves. Jane wants to keep experimenting and have fun in the process as she continues to create more. Her focus is also never short of setting the proper example as an artist and an individual that inspires. She views her creative expression as her way to vent, her way to praise and everything in between. Weyes has plans on expanding her creative talents into an array of different areas and guarantees us this is only the beginning to her greatness.


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