Jasmine Kara – Gravity



Jasmine Kara’s career started as a shot in the dark. At the age of 18, she left Sweden and her troubled past behind to become a performing artist.
The dream of a recording contract led Jasmine to New York where she started to knock door at every record label on Manhattan. Despite close calls and promises, the contract kept eluding her. Therefore, Jasmine decided to try another route. She started to perform at different soul clubs around the city and one night, the legendary r’n’b producer Marshall Chess was in the audience. Chess recognized her powerful voice and decided to sign her to the new independent label Tri-Sound (Cosmos Music Group).Marshall Chess ended up as the Executive Producer for Jasmines debut album “Blues Aint Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad” (2010). The album was a collection of classic soul pieces from the enriched Chess catalogue and was recorded in Cosmos Studios in less than 48 hours. Blues Aint Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad was nominated in two categories on P3 Guld Radio Awards and became the most sold blues record in Sweden, 2010.Ever since her early teens, Jasmine has been writing diary to document her roller coaster journey. In conjunction with the release of her album, she also launched the autobiographical novel “Hälsa henne att hon ska dö” (Tell her that she will die”). The novel is an open and exposed story about a relationship that caused her some troubled years. What Jasmine though would be an innocent teenage love affair turned out to a really abusive and destructive relationship that almost cost her life. The book has been published in Swedish and will be translated into English for international publication.

The album “Blues Aint Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad” was released in the UK in March 2010 and the single “In the Basement” was placed number one on iTunes blues list. Several of Jasmines songs were play listed on BBC and she performed live in UK radio shows such as “Robert Elms Show”, Sir Terry Wogan’s show “Weekend Wogan”, and Chris Evans breakfast show. The clothing company M&Co picked up the single “Try My Love Again” for their TV advertisement aired in UK, Ireland, and Wales. After the UK release, Jasmine went on tour in Sweden. She performed live in all the biggest TV shows such as “Allsång på Skansen” and at the Swedish Crown Princess royal wedding. She was seen in the biggest newspapers in Sweden and media reported widely about the new Swedish talent. Shortly thereafter, Jasmine went on live tour in UK followed by a launch and breakthrough in Japan. She received radio listings at Tokyo FM and J-wave.

After an intense spring, it was time to start working on the second album. Now Jasmine was ready to write her own music. In less than one year, she wrote more than 150 songs. With all the new material in her luggage, she began travelling the world to finish the songs together with carefully selected producers, songwriters and artists. In 2013, the first self-written singles “Can’t Lie To Me” (premiered at the Swedish Grammy Awards) and “Paralyzed” was released. Both singles had radio listings and Jasmine performed live in some of Sweden’s biggest TV shows such as “Sommarkrysset”, “Lotta på Liseberg”, and “Moraeus m.m.”.

Year 2014 started just as intense and successful as the previous. Jasmine was one of the celebrities on the TV show “Let’s Dance”, which is the Swedish version of “Dancing with the Stars”. In conjunction with the premiere she released her third single from her own-written material, “Beautiful World”. The single is described by Jasmine as the one she values the most. The video was recorded by Jasmine herself with her mobile phone in the city where it all started, New York. In June 2014 she released her fourth single “Imperfect”, which was co-written together with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John). Imperfect is the first single released on Jasmines own record label, Karasmatic Music. Soon, her awaited second album “Unbreakable” will be released.


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