Introducing HLTR$


HLTR$ is a rap group from Sweden which consists of four guys who are 16 years old. Despite their young age, they have already succeeded in creating a name for themselves locally. It’s always a full crowd at their gigs and the first single Kidz has reached 230 000 streams on Spotify.

Their music is influenced by underground rap but also manages to bring in elements from both funk and pop music. Their live performances are fast paced and there’s a lot movement on the stage and interaction with the fans. The upcoming single Triggered is the first to be released in nearly a year. It’s the result of a cooperation between the producers from Kapten Studios, Dazed Music and of course the HLTR$ themselves. Although it has a dark message it’s still a up beat song with funky element in the chorus.

After a football game in 2014 they ended up outside a pub in central Norrköping (Sweden). A brawl started and police arrived at the scene. The members of HLTRS claim they were innocent but got arrested. Their parents got worried and decided that the boys weren’t allowed to see each other anymore.

The longer time went on, the more difficult it became to maintain their friendship to one another. It was then that they came up with the idea to create a rap group. It took some convincing and patience but their parents finally caved in.

They have released two singles, Kidz  as mentioned before and another called 1999. Their main listeners are located in Norrköping but there’s also some in Stockholm and Oslo. The first singles have been released by themselves using trial promotion in Norrköping.

After a few gigs at a music contest, Livekarusellen, they were discovered by Dazed Music, who later proposed to team up and cooperate. They accepted and now have a partnership withthe label.


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