Introducing Youth Soul Love


Art of War is Youth Soul Love’s first single off of the new album. It incorporates heavy drums with clever word play, describing the art of war that takes place in relationships.

The quintessential Gemini distinguished by his versatility, his ability to adapt to the demands of his environment a duality of the self and most notably,the ability to communicate personal experiences through aesthetic mediums. Born June 19th, a day marked for bittersweet celebration in Texas, Youth Soul Love was raised in impoverished communities in Houston, Texas. Moving between multiple underprivileged neighborhoods in his childhood, Soul took the instability and insecurity he felt and channeled that into music and performance. It was through music that Stetson Leon discovered his alter ego, Youth Soul Love his musical identity, as well as his love for transforming his personal experiences into something pleasing and beautiful. Finding that music was, to him, much more than a hobby, Soul says,”Music is my life, The Gift To Create and share stories that relate to others is a God Given Gift. How You Define life, Determines your destiny and music is my destiny.”

Youth Soul Love picked up a microphone at the age of 8 often putting on mini-performances for his family That led To Showcases, College Tours and Selling Out His own Music Shows in Houston Tx. Soul pulled musical inspiration from a wide range of sources like, Lauren Hill Erykah Badu Earth, Wind & Fire, Andre 3000 to create his Hip Hop Soul Genre. With a Powerful Name that defines the message in his Music, “Youth” standing for Always Giving Back to the youth and future Generation.Always Putting His Heart & “SOUL” into everything he does with the mindset that God is Love Youth Soul Love is here To Change The Music Culture of Today’s Generation.


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