Introducing Blu Denim

From first listen to his braggadocios baritone swagging over a slapping 808 arsenal of head-splitting high hats and lumbering lows, it’s obvious that underground sensation Blu Denim has come to make his presence felt with runaway single “Fall Over.” Peaking Number 3 on FM radio urban independent charts and the video reaching thousands of plays, Blu Denim delivers truth, excitement and energy in his music that cannot be faked or duplicated.

Born in the capital city of Columbus, Ohio and surviving a rough childhood in a fatherless home, BluDenim found a way to escape his dire circumstances through his music. At the age of 18, he moved to Jacksonville, Flo. There in the Sunshine State, he saw an opportunity to test his music skills one night at a freestyle contest on a local radio station. He won over every listener within earshot, earning him an internship at a local studio. In his new gig, he expanded learning the art of mixing, mastering and production as well as developed into an overall great performer.

After four years in Florida, Blue decided to move back home to Columbus, where he would implement the knowledge he gained over the years. Back at home, he started his own recording label. But before long, he realized that music wasn’t putting food on the table, so denim turned to a fast-paced life in the streets to make ends meet. All the while, he was still working on his music. But after continuously seeing his friends succumb to the destructive and dangerous situations that a life of crime brings, Blu realized once again that music was his only escape.

Now, he shares his memories of his elaborate life on the edge through his music and in the past few months, he has gained the attention of various major record labels.


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