Introducing Phil N Good

Skärmavbild 2016-07-16 kl. 14.30.06

Phil N Good is back at it with a new release. This time, they’ve teamed up with their Icelandic brother, Ingi Bauer and brought in a couple of usual suspects to add their musical talents to this tropical smash – T Lopez (vocals), Victor Orlando (percussion) and Alex O (sax). “We almost don’t want to tell you this is a Bieber record because after we got done with it, it certainly doesn’t sound like it… (no diss to the Biebs).”

The concept behind Phil N Good is pretty simple: make and play music that will make people feel good. Although the group is just gaining a footing and new to the scene, it’s headed up by industry veterans, DJ Hapa (co-founder of Scratch DJ Academy LA and host of Feel Good Sound on DASH Radio) and J Rythm (Another Dirty Night on DASH Radio). The third member in the group is rising producer/DJ, Dirty D, who brings his youthful energy and sound to the trio.

“We feel like our sound is pretty unique. We blend our DJ and dance music background with live instruments and vocalists to give our remixes texture while still maintaining the groove. We also bridge a lot of genres and sounds and above all else, its always gotta feel good.”

Phil N Good has been received well through its handful of remix releases in the early part of 2016, garnishing over 1,000,000 total plays on Soundcloud. Their remix of Rihanna’s “Work” is over 500k plays and has been shared and praised by notable blogs The Dancing Pineapple, Tropikult, and AUX London to name a few. The track sat on the Top 10 for Hypeddit for a record 6 weeks in a row and was a sought after download by DJs all over the world. The remixes have certainly caught the eye and ear of labels and the group has already been approached to remix several major label artists’ releases later this year.


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