Introducing White Tiger Society


White Tiger Society is a band founded by producer Comissioner Gordon and singer/bass player Laalia ‘The White Tigress‘.

“Commissioner” Gordon

“Commissioner” Gordon started his career as a DJ in the Bronx and throughout the years he has contributed to some of this generation’s greatest albums working with Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, The Fugees, Damian Marley, Carlos Santana and Joss Stone amongst others. In 2013 “Commissioner” met Lalia in New York and through their work, initially as a writing/ production team, the White Tiger Society was born with “Commissioner” returning to his roots as a DJ and Lalia fronting the sound system as vocalist/bass player.

Lalia (The White Tigress)

Lalia’s formal music training and her own career as a solo recording artist, which garnered success in both France and the US has contributed in crafting the White Tiger Society’s signature sound, song writing and crossover appeal. Fusing together the sounds of Soul and Reggae with a Hip-hop attitude, the White Tiger Society experience invokes a collaborative movement between writers, artists and producers with a shared interest in classic song writing, live instrumentation and great production. The upcoming EP, “Sound of the White Tiger”, will be released in 2016 and features a guest appearance by Stephen Marley. It will be followed by an album with a few more surprises planned.


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