Audio: Bruck Up ft. Get Fr3e – ‘Cry’ (Clean)

Years after originating the wildly popular “Bruck Up” dance and becoming an international sensation, songwriter and recording artist George “Bruck Up” Adams is focused on moving masses worldwide through his music.

He leads off summer 2015 with his single “Cry”, born out of a personal moment for Bruck:

“It was a moment that I think many men can relate to. The moment when you see that certain woman…you see beauty, head to toe, that’s out of this world, and she’s yours? You have to cry. I knew I had to put that in a song.”

To bring it to life, Bruck Up teamed up with leading Jamaican producer Teetimus (Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Mr. Vegas, Trey Songz). The collaboration yielded a club-ready electronic dance sound with an intimate, reggae-night vibe—perfect for the sexy, lyrical banter he had in mind.
Cry fi yuh body Mek me see you bus’ a wine Tell me, say you love me Cause dat somethin’ deh a mine Love yuh all night No mawnin’ sun a shine. That’s why yuh cyan stop touch me ‘Cause mi ting right

Bruck Up adds, “I started in dancehall. The only thing that makes sense, is to bring it back to where it started, and take it into the future. I’ve always been different—and my music is too. I’ve got no limitations. To Da Moon, baby!”

“Cry” goes on sale worldwide on June 1, 2015, available at all major online music stores.


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