Introducing Saron Abraham

Saron Abraham

“… Make me strong like a lion” sings 18-year-old Sharon Abraham, as we already knew from the idol series, whose story has both touched and upset many. As a seven-year-Saron became an orphan. A friend of her mother took care of her. By selling the mother’s belongings, the woman collected enough money together so that Sharon could come to Sweden when she was 14, her mother’s friend simply could’t afford to nurture her. Saron than left school because financial reasons. Sharon now lives in a housing for unaccompanied refugee, but as soon as she turned 18 her guardian is seeking for her own apartment. That she soon comes of age also brings another very uncertain and darker reality, the threat of expulsion creeps ever closer to being completed.

Sharon is an ordinary girl who is in her last year of high school, but unlike when other 18 year olds thinking at its best in their schooling so thinking Saron on whether she should be deported to a country where she does not know some people do not have any relatives left and nothing to return to. – When I came to Sweden so I had only seen snow on TV says Sharon and laughs – Now I hope that I’ll get to know the snow fall this winter and that you listen to my appeal. Sweden is my country now, says Sharon. The song “Strong Like a Lion” is released 19/9 and is written by Maria Marcus, Pontus Frisk, Pierre Toftgård and Clare Reynolds. The Sundsvall based producer and record company director Patrik Frisk, who has tied Saron to his company Ninetone Records commented: We had heard of her before Idol circus started because she lives in Sundsvall and has a unique voice and a unique expression, but we have not been able to work together until she was knocked out of Idol.


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