Tinashe’s “2 On, Named Billboard’s #1 R&B Song of 2014


Bobby Brackins’ songwriting credentials are beginning to stack up following the announcement that Tinashe’s breakout track “2 On” was named the #1 R&B Track of the Year by Billboard. Bobby Brackins who is a rapper himself, having released singles with Ty Dolla $, Iamsu!, and G-Eazy, co-wrote the track for his former labelmate, which Billboard also ranked #6 on their Songs of the Year list, labeling it “a masterful display of charisma from an R&B artist who was relatively unknown when the song dropped.” Bobby Brackins weighed in on the writing process in an interview with XXL, stating “I’ve known Tinashe for a while because we were both on the same label at one point. I knew she was super talented and she could sing her ass off, but I hadn’t heard anything come out her mouth. So I just called her to come to the studio one day and we got in the studio with my friend RedWine,” adding that “she came in, we sat her in the studio and we just vibed out. We kind of got ‘2 On’ while we were making it. That gave it inspiration.”

In addition to “2 On,” Bobby Brackins co-wrote Chris Brown’s massive hit “Loyal,” a summer smash for which he received a BMI Award. Bobby Brackins sat down with TheSmokingSection to discuss his songwriting style, explaining “I just have a really good gift of melody and concept, and a strong idea of what people are going to gravitate to,” he continues, “I want to stay to true to myself and stuff that I like, but I also try to put myself in other people’s shoes. A lot of songs I’m writing for myself. Like, ‘Loyal’ was supposed to be my song, but Chris Brown’s manager heard it and was like ‘This has to be Chris’ single.’ So, you know, I just focus on making good music. If I’m making it for myself or others, as long as it’s quality somebody’s going to want to be a part of it.”

Earlier this year Bobby Brackins released his hit single “Hot Box,” which received strong critical acclaim with The FADER calling it “a perfect weekender,” and TheSmokingSection claiming it has “such an addictive bounce, repeat listens happen without intention.” The track features G-Eazy and Mila J, and has already surpassed 2.3M plays on SoundCloud. Last month, Bobby Brackins dropped visuals for the track, which premiered on Billboard and features him romping around an intimate house party with Mila J and a handful of her closest friends. Most recently, acclaimed producer, DJ Mustard, surprised fans by dropping his remix of the track. This unexpected release gave the original single a boost to #2 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. “Hot Box” illustrates Bobby Brackins’ tenacity for songwriting and ability to cross seamlessly into the pop rap world while still maintaining his East Oakland roots. Kicking off 2015, Bobby Brackins expects to drop his next single, “My Jam,” which features Jeremih and Zendaya.


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