Lil Wayne book

Lil Wayne book
Professor Kreston Kent’s literary analysis of Lil Wayne’s lyrics shows that Wayne is, in fact, “the best rapper alive.” Called a “thorough and incisive proof of Lil Wayne’s genius” by critics, the book shows that Wayne’s lyrics have more in common with Shakespeare’s and Dylan’s than with other rappers’. Professor Kent, who attended college alongside Lil Wayne, compares Wayne’s lyrics with those of Drake, Rick Ross, Nas, Eminem, Black Thought, Childish Gambino, Kool G Rap, T.I., Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z and MF Doom, showing Lil Wayne’s usage of literary devices to be far superior and in a category of its own. Songs analyzed span what Prof.
Kent calls Wayne’s most intellectual period–2007 to the present–including songs from Tha Carter V. Professor Kent’s literary analysis reveals hidden organizational form and meaning behind Lil Wayne’s songs, including a surprising insight about Michael Jackson’s role in Wayne’s work. This detailed argument by Prof. Kent makes the case that critics and fans alike have failed to recognize the extent of Lil Wayne’s literary genius, on par with William Shakespeare or Bob Dylan. #1 Bestseller on iBooks Music


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