Ozonna “We Glow” (Single Premiere)

Ozonna has dropped the new single “We Glow.” It’s posted below. Go ahead and get to know a new artist. The song is produced by Grammy-nominated producer Jimmy Greco (Beyoncé, Paramore, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus) and songwriter/producer Russ DeSalvo (Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Santana).

Ozonna is one of the hottest and most unique young pop artists to come out of London- he simply surpasses imitation. His presence is both bold and endearing, tough but tender. KickKickSnare.com described the 20 year old’s sultry voice as “fragile, yet captivating,” and Live Jam TV gushed that his “smooth, silky voice had no flaw” as they watched a live performance. The singer-songwriter recently moved to NYC, and is perfectly poised to enrapture this side of the pond. His promo single, “Me & You On Top,” became and still is a You Tube sensation gaining wide recognition– and the music industry took notice. He released his U.S. debut single “We Glow” on October 21st, 2014 on Airgo Music Entertainment.

The Nigerian-born artist is catchy, quirky, eclectic and possesses the self-assuredness and self-assertiveness one tends to see (and hear) only in prodigies. Ozonna is a fan of artists such as Pharrell, Amy Winehouse, Marina and the Diamonds.

Ozonna was born on Friday, 11th February, 1994 in Nigeria as the first child of his parents—Chukwuma Charles Soludo and Nonye Frances Soludo.

At 12, his family relocated to London. For Ozonna, it turned out a blessing in disguise as London offered greater opportunities to pursue his passion. He attended two boarding schools in Nigeria (Adesoye College, Kwara, and Abuja Capital International College) before relocating to London, and completed his secondary school education in two of UK’s best Catholic schools– Ampleforth College, York and The Oratory School, Reading. For his A-levels, Ozonna attended the Ashbourne College, Kensington, London. Very early in life, the diverse cultural influences in different boarding schools and countries have helped to shape Ozonna’s broad perspectives about life and imbued him with a deep sense of our common humanity. All these have influences on his music.

After his A-levels, his parents wanted him to obtain a PhD in any chosen field. He told his parents that he could easily obtain a PhD to satisfy their wish, but that it would be a total waste of several years of his life as he would only thereafter begin to pursue his life’s mission and passion which is music. His parents were also ready to fully fund and support him to pursue any other career as “a Plan B” in case he changes his mind about music, but for Ozonna, there is no “Plan B”: it is either music or nothing! His parents saw through his irresistible passion and determination, and have come around to become his most important support infrastructure. His five siblings simply believe in him and constitute a fanatical fan base. Ozonna rather opted to study at the London Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and finished in 2013 at the age of 19.

Perhaps some things are written in the stars! Ozonna showed very early on what he came into the world to do—to use music as a medium for positive change. At the age 4, he was already the toast of children’s parties when it came to dance/music—as he was consistently picked as the best dancer. Coming from a conservative Catholic family, there were restrictions on the children’s access to music channels because of what his parents considered “indecent” etc. But Ozonna’s allure to music continued to be irresistible.

At 12, Ozonna started writing songs while in the boarding school. He invested in a mini music studio, and was demoing and putting up songs on Myspace and began gaining attention which only made him more determined. By the time he was out of the boarding school at 16th, he met with Downtown artists and began recording songs and playing the London music scene where he opened for the likes of Crystal Fighters, Kyla la Grange, Alice Gold, and We Have Band. At 17, Ozonna met with David Ezra (“the producer”) with whom he started working on some songs and also wrote songs for other artists David worked with. They recorded over 20 songs together including ‘Rush Like WoW’, ‘Me & You On Top’. With a rapidly growing fan base (over 350,000) on social media and with strong interests and traction in the U.S., Ozonna and his manager in London, Ian Bennet, decided that New York would provide him a bigger and better platform to record his first EP/Album.

In January 2013, just before his 19th birthday and a few months to completing his studies at the London Institute of Music, Ozonna decided to visit New York to explore possible opportunities. Within the first week of his visit, he met with two record labels— Epic and Atlantic, and a publicist, Ari Admani. He visited again in April, and upon the completion of his studies in June 2013, he moved down to NYC.

“I felt guided by a bigger force. I acted on my heart and out of excitement, and when I got to NYC I felt this momentum, doors would open for me suddenly and it was further proof that I was in the right place. The Universe has a plan for me, I just know it. I just jumped on a plane and didn’t look back. The city really draws you in; I felt this rush and said, “I’m gonna stay here…this is my city.”

So far, Ozonna’s journey in his music career confirms the age-old philosophy: “Say, I Will, and great powers will come to your aid”! In NYC, he has met and worked with several talented artists including Lynn Verlayne (an artist development specialist); and Grammy Award nominated producers Jimmy Greco/Russ DiSalvo, and Scott Jacoby who have helped to shape a wholly unique sound that is fitting to Ozonna’s music. He continues to attract well-known names to his fan base including Stephanie George, Tove Lo, Duffy, and Kitty Brucknell.

Ozonna is ready for the world stage. His music is new and different, not just by the unique sound and delivery as well as the rich but diverse cultural influences but even more so by the sheer force of its message of hope and love. His sound, the sound of the next generation, is built upon positive energy that is at once addictive and infectious. His philosophy and central message to the weak and the young can be summarized by the title of one of the hit songs in his forthcoming Album entitled “Believe It To See It”! His proud African heritage, the diverse but rich education in the UK, and the life lessons on the streets of New York – all combine to shape a world view and music that is sure to leave the world a better place than Ozonna has met it.

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