Sizzla Official Statement

March 23, 2012

For Immediate Release
Re: Sizzla Official Statement

To Whom It May Concern,

We work closely with many of the artists in the reggae scene and feel that your constant attack against the artists and the musical genre is unfair and one sided. Sizzla has not even begun to tour, yet press releases have been sent giving misinformation to the public about him performing homophobic lyrics at 18 other shows recently. The tour has not even started and Sizzla was not booked to perform in neither Canada nor England. False information is being written to malice and defame his character. It is good to remember that Sizzla has not been arrested, convicted, or charged with any crime and does not have a criminal record what so ever. He abides and will continue to abide by the laws of any State in the World that he chooses to visit or is invited to visit. It is his nature and his character to respect all.

Sizzla and all human beings are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and artistic freedom as afforded to him by the United Nations Human Rights Council.  With these rights he does not seek to incite or provoke violence against anyone, but will continue to speak out against injustices where he sees it. Sizzla and other Jamaicans will continue to support the laws of their country and are free to discuss these issues in a legal framework as a citizen of that country. If anyone has an issue with that, take it up with the respective Government and which ever laws they make, even if he doesn’t agree, he will abide by. In the mean time, every attempt to sabotage or cancel a Sizzla show is a form of censorship against him and the musical genre.

Sizzla is a product of his own community, which is very much marginalized, poor, lack of resources, and youth programs. He has provided and continues to provide a platform for his community and Jamaica at large, access to community work, health, education, self- preservation programs, and youth development. Through his Sizzla Youth Foundation, he has done phenomenal work in Jamaica and throughout the world to help raise funds to develop the youth and possibly open doors that wouldn’t normally been closed. We find it very hard to believe that people would focus so much attention on a Jamaican artist, whilst ignoring the bigger issues of this world such as economic strangulation of the poor, sickness, and hunger.

Why is it after months of promotions and advertisement, some wait till a few days before a show to try to cancel the performance? This is a form of censorship and is designed to create maxim economic damage to the promoters, the artist, the staff, everyone involved in the construction of the tour, and the reggae industry at large. We don’t see you attack Eminem or other musicians who make clear stances against these same issues in the hip-hop, rock, and pop industry. It makes us wonder if there is a bigger picture being painted here? Or is it the fact that they just have better lawyers and bigger companies making money from them?

Patois the language that Sizzla uses to express his music are forms of metaphoric and allegoric expression. The messages in the songs are based on words that have been misconstrued and mistranslated. When he or any artists say burn, fire, or kill, they are not literal terms. In fact the words translate to mean several things depending on the context of its use. So when a DJ in the dancehall takes the mic and says kill Sound boy, it doesn’t mean take a gun a shoot the Sound boy. It means that the DJ is going to win the competition. So interpret at your own risk but understand that in different languages, different words mean different things and Patois is a language very different from English. Historically it was used during slavery to prevent the slave masters from understanding the enslaved Africans as they organized for freedom. Obviously it still is misunderstood and confusing many.  

It is very important for you to understand something. The term batty boy was derived from the rise of pedophiles and rape of young boys in Jamaica. That is why the term batty boy is used, so those that embrace this term, therefore embrace the raping and pedophile of young boys. This is one of the main reasons why there is such an outcry against homosexuality because in many cases in Jamaica it has been done where young boys were raped or coerced by tourist into the lifestyle seeking to gain visa or better opportunities.  This has also contributed to a rise in gay male prostitution in Jamaica and is prevalent amongst teenagers and youth of Jamaica. 

Lastly, Sizzla just recovered from a horrific accident where he almost lost his life.  Whilst some groups wish he had died, millions of fans around the world sent messages of support, good wishes and prayers for him to make a speedy recovery. This tour partly represent a thanks for their prayers and love that gave him the motivation to get well. Let us be clear, Sizzla has a catalogue of over 67 albums and well over 90% of his music is uplifting, positive, speaks of family, empowerment, love, spirituality, and unity. At the same time he is a Rastafarian musician who embraces his faith and plays a pivotal part in the betterment of his society. What would Bob Marley be today if groups protested against him, keeping him in a box, and preventing him from sharing his music? There are two sides to the story, and yes everyone should be entitled to live and express themselves, but we must be respectful of ALL people’s values and principles.  

Thank you for taking the time to hear the other side of the story.

From the office of Kalonji Muzik and Pride Music



  1. I see that my comment was removed…. mmm and you dare speaking about censorship 😉

    • Why u wanna get political n talk negatively about artists.. if u do then start ur own debateforum. I don’t want to get in politics… I just want some good quality reggae music

  2. I decided to repost it. Maybe it can stay on your website for a few hours before it get removed.

    ORIGINAL POSTING: Be careful, this is just another fake statement trying to disuade club owners when LGBT groups will duely request that Sizzla’s concerts be cancelled. Sizzla’s knows exactly what he is doing when he performs the song ‘Boom Bye Bye’, it has nothing to do with pedophilles. Sizzla has a long history of promoting violence towards gays and lesbians. His 2006 song ‘Heads Out” is probably the worst song he wrote about the issue and now he is using Buju Banton’s song ‘Boom Bye Bye’ which is the Carribean anthem for violence against gay men. He performed that song as recent as March 18, 2012. By visiting the website ‘Murder Inna Dancehall’ you can learn important things about this conflict and also find over 10 songs penned by Sizzla where he promote violence in this conflict. This is not free speech, this is hate speech. Since 1997, over 37 men and women were ‘officially’ killed because of their sexuality in Jamaica. Just recently there was two extremely violent death. It’s impossible to link music with those deaths, but one thing for sure, it clearly promote intolerance towards minorities that are at risk. LGBT groups have said that they would stop requesting the cancellation of concerts when the singers would definitifvely stop promoting hatered. This is not the case with Sizzla. Club owners should responsibilize themselves by not offering a platform to singers that promote such violence. Solidarity.

  3. This press release is quite inaccurate. Here is my response:
    1) Freedom of speech is a right justly tempered by hate crime laws and incitement to violence laws in most civilized countries. Call these principles censorship if you like.
    2) Fighting hunger and poverty are certainly noble occupations, but they do not exclude fighting against violence, murder and discrimination.
    3) Sizzla is an artist who advocates burning/killing queer people, not paedophiles. He has refused to recant these statements.
    4) I’m very sorry about Sizzla’s accident, and wish him a speedy recovery. I think he will realise that he cannot stay on both sides of this issue, and that he needs to embrace his better nature.

  4. These seem like very poor excuses to me, and are very similar to the rhetoric the neo-nazis in Europe use to justify their poisonous words agains people of color.
    There is a big difference between disliking someone and inciting murder, the latter is illegal, also in the UN.

    If it is really true that he has not done so lately there would not be any reason to try to justify the use of the word kill and all this other defensive propaganda.

  5. The fuck!??? Are you for real? You say that he’s 90% positive in his songs. Is it then ok that he’s 10% hateful?? I’m sure you know that the term batty boy can be used as you say, but if you’re over 16 years old, I’m also sure that you should know better. Maybe you’re defending one artist, your own, but if you’re truly supportive of human rights, and every human’s right to be themselves, you’re way out now. It seems that you share Sizzla’s believes, and that’s why you defend him like this. Good luck too you both, and may you fail so drastically in forwarding Sizzla’s message!

  6. got that right ola & you’re right too henning: after a while its the 10% that makes the other 90% unlistenable. believe me, i’ve tried!

    and ‘sizzla’, know this – I am concerned: frankly, miguel, you’ve become a bore, an embarassment, a malevolent little monster, goading people to kill. Big man behind the mic, eh!

    You know what, though, this is a battle you and your friends are going to lose big time. Your rotten, ugly spirited music will shrivel up and die in a corner choking on its own bile, and it won’t be missed.

    But in the mean time, here is a suggestion. If you are serious
    about your opinions don’t isolate yourself: there are many far right groups here in Europe that share your views, of course they may hate you as much as you hate them, but don’t watch that, you have a common enemy: us.

    So, why not quit this music thing altogether ? You have guns, no? Use them: in the time you waste urging people to go and murder us, you could be here doing it yourself.

    A good idea, yes? You are brave and you are righteous. A true born African. Bust a cap!

    But you’d need plenty of ammo, because you’d have to do it more than once, judging from the rage you display, I’d say some mass murdering on a level a la breivik is in order (have you heard of him? He’s angry like you, but about multiculturalism), you know, to really get it all out of your system. And of course you’d be popping shots knowing that once you are caught you would be looking at not coming out of jail at all, not ever.

    Go on, give it a go. It’s called walking it like you talk it. How about it? No?

    Thought not.

    Ah well. At least Robert Mugabe likes you. And there is always Uganda.

    Pro homo.

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